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Underpinning work

What does underpinning work consist of?

Many homes constructed before 1930 were built on top of crawl spaces, which means they have no direct contact with the ground. At that time, concrete, rigid insulation and weatherproofing techniques didn’t exist yet, so raising the home above the ground was the only way to protect it from water leaks and moisture.

Today, the crawl spaces that are still present under some homes are no longer as useful as they once were and can even entail certain inconveniences. For example, if your home is near a waterway or groundwater, there are much greater risks associated with floodwaters. This can lead to problems of flooding and moisture (very common). Underground gas (radon) emissions are also possible, especially if your crawl space isn’t insulated or if it’s poorly ventilated.

Underpinning excavation of your basement

Is your home constructed over a crawl space? You could expand your living space by asking the experts at PLHP to construct a full-height basement by digging three feet deeper. The advantages? You’ll benefit from a whole new living space, easier access to your plumbing, the possibility of solidifying the existing foundation with reinforced concrete and more.

After having duly analyzed the soil, our experts will first support the structure and then perform the excavation, formwork and concrete work, followed by waterproofing and drainage for the new foundation and, finally, they’ll pour the concrete slab.

Our underpinning work is executed by a team of seasoned professionals and is always performed in compliance with all current safety regulations.

Underpinning work specifically includes:

  • Restoration of the foundation: to enhance the value of your property or to counter your problems with moisture
  • Lifting and shoring of the home: for homes that are too low
  • Stabilization of the foundation with piling (if necessary): to stabilize the structure in the event of sinking or settling of the ground

Give your home a solid, durable base. Contact Conception PLHP for all your underpinning excavation and mini excavation work in LaSalle, Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Laval, West Island and the Greater Montreal area. Conception PLHP, a specialized company at your service!


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